Hooray for the Pumpkin Pie!

November 8, 2010 at 4:21 pm Leave a comment

One year, I bought a pumpkin with the intent of carving it up for Halloween. For whatever reason (I suspect I was super busy sewing a last minute costume. It’s my M.O.), I didn’t get around to it and was then stuck with this big, orange gourd staring back at me. I felt bad just chucking it or letting it dissolve slowly into a pile of mush so I thought, hey, I’ll make it into a pie. I jumped on the internet to find recipes. I had wanted to make a pumpkin pie from scratch just cause for a long time. Yes, I like to do everything the hard way. Anyway, after some searching, I found out that your standard jack-o-lantern pumpkin isn’t really that good for pie after all. They tend to run more on the stringy aspect, less on the taste. So I learned about sugar pie pumpkins. I had seen them in the stores each fall and just thought that they were just cute, smaller pumpkins. They are a bit more orange and usually kind of squat or perfectly round. Like I said, cute pumpkins!

I found a recipe, bought a pumpkin and got to work. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I really like the way the steaming pumpkin makes the apartment smell and it’s even better when the actual pie is cooking. I took it home that year for Thanksgiving and everyone agreed that it was really good and so another holiday tradition was born. Now, every year I eagerly await the arrival of the sugar pie pumpkins at the farmers market or grocery stores. I just got one for 2010 and am planning on making the first pie of the season soon.

I needed a fall design in the shops and have yet to come up with a kawaii turkey, so I decided on a slice of pumpkin pie. And what’s pumpkin pie without a healthy dollop of whipped cream? Like Devo says, ‘you must whip it, whip it good!’


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