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November 6, 2010 at 4:33 pm Leave a comment

One of the things I have been relying on to generate exposure for Kimchi Kawaii is my Facebook Fan page. I frequently update this with short status posts, send out full updates and post deals that are being run by Cafe Press and Zazzle. As a (very) small business, this is a great way for me to reach people I would normally never have hope of reaching. I don’t have the money for a large scale marketing campaign. I could only wish that the brand was big enough to do so, but until that fantasy becomes a reality, I make do with what I can on the internet – blogs, my home page, deviantART and my Facebook fan page.

It has been slowly creeping along in number of fans, and so I have decided to set a goal. I would like to reach a total of at least 150 fans by the end of 2010. Who knows if it will happen? I am starting at 143 which I know is only 7 off from the goal, but when I say slowly creeping, I mean SLOWLY. Like snail slow.

Here is where you come in. If you like my art and have a Facebook account, check out the Kimchi Kawaii Facebook  fan page and think about becoming a fan. If you know others who like kawaii art, send them a suggestion (there is a handy link on the left of the fan page below the profile picture). Maybe through word of mouth and the nature of social networking, we can reach this goal and breeze right on past it!

To all who have already become fans – the ones who have been there from the beginning and the ones who just joined today, I want to offer a sincere thank you for your support! I hope to keep on producing designs that are fun, colorful and most of all kawaii!


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