Trick or Treat Traditions

October 22, 2010 at 5:28 pm Leave a comment

I can’t believe that Halloween is just 2 weeks away! Where is this year going? I’ve always loved Halloween. I remember getting excited about my Halloween costume and going with mom to the grocery store to pick out my costume. Who remembers how costumes used to be back in the day? None of this fancy cloth stuff! We had the plastic, printed smocks with the plastic mask that made it hard to breath and teachers swore would ruin your night vision so badly that you would get hit by a car.

Teacher: Remember to take off your masks when trick or treating.

Me (thinking): But I HAVE to wear the mask! No one will know who I am!

Ah yes, those were the days. I can name off all my plastic costumes – Bozo the Clown, a witch, Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobby. After that, either I moved on to bigger and better or the teachers all banned together and got rid of those plastic masks once and for all! I had a brief period where I was ‘too old’ for dressing up, but I got over that fast. Now I sew my own costumes each year and Halloween isn’t enough so I go to anime cons and Bay to Breakers in San Francisco each year. I also remember bringing home all the candy, dumping it out on the carpet and doing the sorting (tootsie rolls were up for grabs – yuck) and then the trading with my siblings. And what did I do with my haul? Eat it in a week of sugar induced bliss?? No, I saved it and used it to bribe my brother and sister to do my chores for me! Evil sister am I. I’ve never really had a huge sweet tooth. This year, I went to the Mickey’s Halloween Party in Disneyland and came back with about 2lbs of candy. I took some to the office and I’m taking most of it home to share. Unless, I can find a way to get my sister or brother up to my apartment to clean my dishes 🙂

But what about the ghost design? Oh yeah, he’s a design I did for the shops for 2009 Halloween, but I still love him. He’s totally beaming with happiness over his bulging sack of candy!


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Let Them Eat Cake! Oh hai!

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