Beware the Ninja Squirrel

October 6, 2010 at 11:53 am Leave a comment

This design was inspired by some talk I heard around the office. Over in Health Education, there were some interns who were always talking about ninja squirrels. I had no idea what they were talking about, but at one point, they asked me to do a drawing of one. I did a (very newbie) Illustrator one for them. I don’t have the original any more as that was a few years ago, but I wanted to do another one now that I had figured out some more stuff with Illustrator. I also liked how random it was. I like random stuff for my shops. I also did a search on Google and found that the concept of the ninja squirrel was not something unique to my office. Huh, apparently other people out there thought of them as little Japanese silent warriors!

There are a lot of squirrels running around the college campus where I work and it is pretty easy to see where the whole idea came from. One day I was alerted by another coworker about a particularly greedy squirrel who was determined to get the berries on this one branch. I ran outside with my camera and got some good pictures of this squirrel’s acrobatics. It was pretty impressive! At one point, the animal was holding on with back feet only while reaching for the food at the end of the branch.

All I can say is that when there are squirrels around, you will never be bored. And because I can’t resist a good pun – ninja squirrel fights dirty, goes straight for the nuts. 🙂


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