National Coffee Day

September 30, 2010 at 2:56 am Leave a comment

Apparently, today (Wednesday, September 29th) is National Coffee day. I need to do a Google search or something to find a list of all the weird ‘days’ that exist out there. I like off kilter unofficial holidays. They are usually funny, make you think ‘Really??? Someone has a lot of time on their hands!’, and usually inspire me to do some kind of Kimchi Kawaii related design. Actually, I suspect that I already have a lot of designs already done in the shops, but I just tend to find out about these ‘holidays’ a bit after the fact.

This was a design I did a while back and pretty much sums up my coffee experience. I am not one of those who requires a stop in the human gas station i.e. Starbucks to get going in the morning. I think I can trace this back to grade school. It was third grade summer school. Back then, summer school wasn’t for kids in danger of flunking out, but mostly something to keep us occupied so our parents didn’t go nuts with idle kids for three months. I liked summer school. We did all kinds of fun stuff. One day, our activity was a taste test. We were given a straw and told to go down a line of boxes, inserting the straw into the holes and taking sips. We were then supposed to write down what we thought it was. (I realize that in this day and age of germ-o-phobia, something like this would never fly). Anyway, one of the liquids was straight black coffee. Of course, I HATED it. And thus, my future as a coffee addict was cut short.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like my Starbucks every now and then, but usually, that’s because I’m just craving something hot and caramel tasting. During the holidays, my Starbucks consumption goes straight up as I love all the holiday drinks. Since I really don’t have a huge caffeine habit, when I do have some, it will totally buzz me. I learned the hard way to only get decaf. Regular totally buzzes me and then I crash, but the weird thing is, I will get a second wind buzz. I guess most people are thinking ‘Hey! Two for the price of one!’, but it comes at the most inconvenient time – like when I’m trying to get to sleep or already asleep and I wake up nervous and jittery as heck at 3a.m.

I did have a coffee today (decaf) and unknowingly celebrated National Coffee Day. Mostly, I was just craving something hot and full of caramel once again 🙂


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