Cat Nap

August 19, 2010 at 3:16 am Leave a comment

The blog’s been a bit silent here since I was updating both my Cafe Press shop and the Zazzle one. It’s been a 3 week overhaul of 2 years of designs.

What brought this on? It all started when I found out that someone had helped themselves to one of my designs, changed the font, but kept the phrase and art the same and was passing it off as theirs. They had multiple items posted on eBay and eCrater for sale under THEIR brand name. I was quite upset about this. This was MY original design and here they were making money and taking credit for it! Talk about seeing red. I’m normally a pretty passive person, but don’t mess with my art! Anyway, a few emails, faxes and snail mails later, I was able to report them to the sites and have my stuff removed.

For a while, I had been thinking about how none of my designs said the Kimchi Kawaii name. I had thought occasionally about putting it on there, but I knew it would be a pain in the neck (it was) and so I kept putting it off. This incident was the fuel to my fire. I know that people can just Photoshop it off, but still, it’s something. So I went into all the original designs, added the brand name and uploaded to both shops. Cafe Press required me to re-enter all the keywords for each design. Zazzle didn’t have an easy image updater so I had to remove nearly all the products from the shop and basically start over. Many late nights and skipped meals later, I can finally say it’s done.

There is a silver lining to all this. I started the Zazzle shop a year after the Cafe Press one and it was never fully caught up to it’s big sister. That was also something that nagged at me so I would upload designs here and there, but it was still lagging. With this update, all designs were put in that shop.

The other, unexpected bonus has been the ‘Today’s Best Awards’ in Zazzle. I had received three in the past here and there. The sudden deluge of my designs though really brought Kimchi Kawaii to the forefront. I was uploading about 13 designs a night, kind of hard to ignore when you think about how each design is put on about 8-9 items each. This past week, 3 of my designs received the ‘Today’s Best’. One of them is Nutmeg, the sleeping cat pictured with this entry.

All I can say is that I am so glad that it’s finally done! I told myself that I couldn’t do any new designs until the shops were caught up. Data entry isn’t the reason I’m running Kimchi Kawaii so I’m really glad that I can finally get back to the creative side of things.

P.S. Maybe some day I’ll write about Nutmeg who is based on my friend’s somewhat lazy cat, but for now, I’m too tired!


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