Artist on Hyper Drive!

August 7, 2010 at 5:46 am Leave a comment

I don’t know if it was the huge push I did on Kimchi Kawaii or what, but suddenly this week, my right hand started killing me. I’m hoping it’s not carpal tunnel, but for now, am trying to limit computer use. Since I’m one of those people who needs to be creating or involved in art nearly every day, it’s actually forcing me back to my traditional media which I had been neglecting in favor of my vector art. It’s really been fun to work again with the colored pencils and be sketching new ideas. I look forward to coming home, loading up the CD player with my favorite ‘artsy’ music (Cirque du Soleil, Sarah Brightman, and the Wicked soundtrack are current favorites) and just work until bed time.

And since I get all A.D.D. with my projects, I am working on a bunch all at once. A variation of the green man of mythology and gothic architecture, an anime style white rabbit, some more Kimchi Kawaii sketches for when I can get back on Illustrator again, and a picture inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’. Also doing a freelance job with a super tight deadline and still holding down my full time job. Whew.

I also have a sewing project that needs to get done soon – my Queen of Hearts lolita style dress.

Caffeine? Who needs caffeine???

I did this Kimchi Kawaii picture a while ago. I don’t drink coffee or soda on a regular basis and this is pretty much what happens to me when I do. As hyper as I’m feeling right now with all my projects whirring through my head, I should probably stay away from the Starbucks. Might send me through the roof!


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