The Kimchi Kawaii Crazy Dreams List!

July 28, 2010 at 5:40 am Leave a comment

I need something to cheer me up. Nothing like finding out that your art was stolen and being sold to ruin an evening. I’ve been calling friends, ranting and emailing various parties to get this resolved for the last few hours. I need a break! So, I now present my semi-unrealistic list of wishes for Kimchi Kawaii! Some of the wishes have already been fulfilled.

• Make a sale in Japan. After all, it’s the originator of kawaii. I actually DID make a sale there. You don’t know how happy and excited that made me. It was like validation.

• Make a sale in Korea. That’s my birth country after all!

• Make sales in all 50 states. Still working on that one. Almost there with only about 6 more to go. Wyoming? South Dakota? Maine? Where are you guys??

• Make sales around the world. This is actually happening! I know the internet is world-wide, but still I never thought of my stuff reaching overseas. Most unexpected place I made a sale? That would have to be Dubai. I have a map where I color in the countries that I make sales in. It’s kind of fun to do.

• Have the brand generate enough income so that I could go part time at my current job and spend more time on Kimchi Kawaii. I’ve spent more time this week maintaining various sites used for updates and promo. Haven’t been able to design 😦

• See my design on a random stranger. My friend actually saw one of my designs on a stranger at her farmers market, but I have yet to run into anyone sporting Kimchi Kawaii.

• Reach 500 fans on the Facebook fan page.

And the super, crazy, far-out there wish (drumroll please):

• Gwen Stefani of No Doubt finds my stuff and loves it! Ok, pretty much if THAT happened, I would be on cloud nine for at least a year.

I’ll try to post updates to the blog if any of these reach ‘fulfilled’ status.

• Maybe I should put ‘no one will steal my art’ as one of them….


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