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November 6, 2009 at 2:58 am Leave a comment

My friend Corrie passed on a link to me at the beginning of this week about something people were doing on Flickr called NaNoDrawMo. It’s a take off National Novel Writing Month, but for artists (we both still can’t figure out what the ‘no’ stands for in the art one). The challenge is to draw 50 drawings in 30 days. They don’t have to be gallery quality, it’s mainly to get you consciously putting time aside to draw. It sounded like fun, so I said ‘Sure!’ and broke out the sketchpad. It’s been really fun so far and we are nearly  a week into it now. Instead of creating a Flickr account – yet another set of passwords to remember – I decided to keep my postings to my Facebook account. Every night, I’ve been sketching, doodling and drawing whatever I can. So far, I’m averaging about 3 a night. Most of the stuff is pretty basic looking – loose sketching or line drawings or comics, but at least I’m drawing! Normally, I am sitting in front of my computer willing my Farmville crops to grow or plotting how I can get my Rollercoaster Kingdom app to look like Disneyland. Pathetic, I know. I’ve had some drawings that have potential to turn into something finished. I’m also hoping to break free of this Kimchi Kawaii dry spell I seem to be in. Sometimes I even wonder, ‘what if there is a limit to the kawaiiness??? Then what????’ Gasp!

So this time, I actually have a really good excuse for my bad blogging behavior 🙂 I’ve also been pumping up the Zazzle shop and getting things straightened out for the holiday shopping rush. Now I totally feel the other side of the holiday shopping season as this is when I make the most sales.


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