New Name, Same Art

July 21, 2009 at 4:30 am Leave a comment

I’m still on Cafe Press, just under a new name (for those of you who knew it by Soy Happy). The new name is Kimchi Kawaii, which actually I think will work out better. Yes, I know that not everyone knows what ‘kawaii’ means, but I think that those who do, are the type of people who may like my stuff – hopefully! Maybe this will help me hone in on my target demographic. My stuff is Japanese pop art inspired, thus the kawaii part, but where does the kimchi come in? I was born in Daegu, South Korea, so I liked being able to tie in the Korean heritage a bit. Plus, I just liked how it sounded all together 🙂 If you want to see the art and judge for yourself if it truly is ‘kawaii’ the link is

The shop is plugging along. Back in June, Cafe Press announced that they were changing their search engine – the way it searched things. Supposedly, it is to weed out the repetitious art and bring more focus on to the original stuff. Believe me, I was a bit discouraged once when I did a search for one of my designs and found it on page 13 after about 6 pages of some clip art cupcake that had ‘Johnny is turning 1’, ‘Anna is turning 1’, ‘Peter is turning 1’, etc. etc. Each of these names had an entry!! Drove me crazy. No wonder my stuff was languishing in Anonymous Land. I was skeptical about this search thing at first. Internet business is a bit of a hit and miss I’m finding. On the one hand, you have the advantage of not having to pay rent for a physical building, but on the flip side, you don’t have said physical building to catch passerby’s attention. I am at the whim of search engines and put my designs in there and just hope that I put in the right tags and that they actually show in the marketplace (hopefully, before page 22). However, I’ve been noticing a slow increase in sales to random strangers which means that my stuff IS showing up. Since the economy still stinks here in America, I can only think that the search engines are actually doing what they promised. Makes up for the lousy marketplace commission policy of 10% – almost….


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